Imagine If


Imagine If is a counselling organisation supporting adults, young people, children and families. We have over 25 years experience in counselling people in Northern Ireland.

Imagine If is part of a wider group which includes Familyworks. Familyworks is a registered member of BACP and all our counsellors are registered and accredited with a professional body.

Familyworks currently provide schools counselling in 225 Post-Primary and over 50 Primary & Special schools. Find out more about Familyworks at

Our Team

Our counselling team is headed by Edith Bell who has over 25 years experience in counselling in Northern Ireland. Across the entire organisation we have over 90 highly trained, professional counsellors who offer a range of support including CBT, play therapy, individual and family work and mediation. Our staff includes counsellors who have come from all walks of life including teachers, professionals, public and private sector, the emergency services and medical professions – all which make us a safe choice for helping you move forward.

Our Ethos 

Imagine If & Familyworks believe in building strong, healthy communities. The profits from our work are used to directly help those in crisis in our community. For more information about our charitable work, please give us a call on (028) 91 821 721.